RBD Speaker Series: Elizabeth Klawiter

Everybody’s path in radio is unique, and Elizabeth Klawiter started her career in radio sales quite differently than most. After studying Fashion at Ryerson for a year, she made the switch to International Business. Initially getting a job in international television sales, she travelled the world and sold television series to foreign networks. In doing this she discovered her love of travel, which continues to be a major part of her life today. When reality television came on the horizon the landscape of the industry changed, and she found herself without a job.

Having made connections in the radio industry, she changed her career path once again, and found herself working in radio sales where she’s continued to work for over the past decade.

Selling radio isn’t an easy task though – it’s a constant challenge to balance personal and client needs. Most radio salespeople work on commission which means that your salary fluctuates. As Elizabeth expressed to us it’s not for the faint of heart.

From cold calling, to research, to maintaining client relationships, sales is a lot of hard work. You are constantly trying to meet your clients needs, and when you’re not doing that you’re looking for new clients.

In sales, as in life, it’s really important to put your pride aside, and do what is best for the client. Even if that means that you need to make compromises. Sometimes, depending on the client, you may have to let them win (when it comes to golf, at least.)

Ultimately you need to count your wins and not let your losses get you down. Being in sales is all about attitude – you’re going to hear “no” all day long, but you have to think of it as “not right now” instead.

The hardest thing you’re going to deal with is getting clients to tell you their budget, but to resolve that just ask them one simple question: “What number scares you?” They’ll answer every time.

Elizabeth Klawiter with RBD251 0NB

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