Broken Camera Blues

Maintaining an Instagram aesthetic is hard. Especially when your aesthetic of choice is film photography, and your camera decides to implode on itself. Well, I don’t exactly know what happened. The thing is a beast, all metal parts, and it’s never given me any problems. All I know is I’ve always left the thing in my car in case I run into impromptu photo spots (aka graveyards) and it’s always been fine.

One day after a few people were in the back seat being rowdy I went to find that the lens cap was off and on the other side of the car, and the camera’s light meter was no longer working. I don’t want to blame anybody, but it’s likely that one of them kicked it without knowing and caused an issue which I now need to pay to get fixed. I’m not salty about it. Not one bit.

It doesn’t help that I’ve also lent out my spare camera to a friend who I don’t often see. So now I have a broken camera, and no backup. Sure, I always have my Polaroid, but I still haven’t figured the damn thing out. All of my photos seem to come out blurry or off-colour. Maybe that means it’s time for a change. Maybe it’s time to break my Instagram aesthetic, and make it more radio-friendly. Or maybe I should just go buy another camera.

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