Dreams Do Come True: Technical Producing At 102.1 The Edge

It’s official. I can finally check “work at Corus” off of my bucket list. Well, not exactly. The real dream would be to get a full-time position within the company, but only time, patience, and the Milkman Unlimited updates I get direct to my phone will get me there.

But I did work at 102.1 The Edge for 12 whole hours. I technical produced a remote and didn’t completely shut down the station! Yay me!

I entered the radio program at Humber College at a dark point in my life. I didn’t know what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. I was lost. My house had gotten broken into a year prior, and I wasn’t even living at home. I’d spend some of my days visiting my grandmother who is a huge talk radio listener, her favourite station being AM640. I listened to John Oakley and Jeff MacArthur (it was 2015) with her in the afternoons, and decided that radio was where I wanted to be. I had no idea that less than three years later I’d be walking the same halls, and working in the same building.

I grew up listening to Q107, which is still my parents favourite station to this day. When I was a pre-teen I began listening to The Edge. I’d fight my dad for the dial in the afternoons so I could catch Bookie’s College of Musical Knowledge as we waited to pick up my mom from the subway.

When I was told that an internship opportunity was open at 102.1 on the weekends with Wade I jumped at it, thinking there’s no way I’d get it. But he took a chance and gave me a shot, and has honestly been one of the most enjoyable people to work with. I never imagined my internship would lead to anything more than a reference and a chance to hang out at the station, but when Wade asked me if I would be available to op a remote he would be doing from SXSW I jumped at that too.

I’m not sure what the future holds for me at 102.1 The Edge or Corus in general. Although technical producing is great my aspirations in the industry are much more broad. All I know is that for now, things are looking good, and I’m excited for my future in broadcasting.

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